Landmark Insurance Group, LLC in the Denver Tech Center for all Business, Personal, and Environmental risk and insurance assessment needs

Garage & Auto Dealers

Landmark Insurance Group has the expertise to design a garage insurance program that has versatility and flexibility whether your business is automobile repair and service shop or an automobile sales dealership. We provide insurance products from top rated insurance companies that understand the special needs of the automobile industry.

For auto dealers, the inventory reporting option is a valuable tool that has advantages over the competition. The dealership pays the insurance cost based on monthly reported inventory through the policy term. By not having to insure a maximum inventory amount throughout the policy term the dealership is only paying for the amount of insurance needed and potential saving money, but more importantly never being over or under insured.


The restaurant industry continues to change with increasing expectations and industry standards, we want to ensure your business, customers and assets are covered. We have access to several restaurant programs specifically designed to protect you from the unexpected occurrences, whether it is a slip and fall, or contaminated or spoiled food.

Our team stays current with economic, litigious and industry trends to accurately address your exposure. Our team will work with you to manage your risk and recommend coverage that would help protect your business in the event of a loss.

We provide coverage for all types of restaurants from casual to fine dining, catering to coffee shops and food trucks. Our programs include coverages for Building, General Lability, Employment Practice Liability, Liquor Liability, Equipment Breakdown, Business Personal Property, Loss of Income, Time Element & Food Spoilage and many others.

We understand your insurance might be on the backburner, but we also know how quickly regulations can change, we would like to help ensure your insurance policy covers you for the unexpected as the industry changes.

Today’s restaurant environment is more complex than ever; we can assess your risk and implement additional insurance and risk management safeguards to protect your restaurant.


The daily risks faced by bar owners are as unique as the patrons who frequent your establishments. We work with you to identify your risks in order to find the best programs that meets your specific needs. Our programs have been developed to help you not only manage your risk but provided extensive coverage so you can concentrate on what matters most, your business.

Our policies will consider general liability, liquor liability, assault and battery, theft, business interruption and other coverages tailored to your business exposure.

We know things can happen out of your control especially when there is alcohol involved.  That is why we work with you to understand your business operations to ensure you are covered in the event of a loss. Bar games, percentage of liquor sales, music venues, karaoke, dancing and type of bar can all affect how your insurance is written. Make sure your insurance stays current as your business continues to grow.


Craft Breweries are continuing to grow in popularity. Today’s dynamic insurance environment demands expertise to control and manage your cost of risk – much of your exposure cannot be covered by one insurance policy. What is your current broker doing to address your loss control?

Colorado has the most craft and micro-breweries per capita, and as they become more popular across the nation we want to work with you to help you grow and ensure your insurance concerns are addressed. Even if you are not in the competitive and trending market of Micro brews in Colorado we will work with your state requirements to provide the right packages and coverages for your business.

We can provide you with comprehensive risk summaries and checklists for your specific industry. Our agency also offers an exceptional services from dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable insurance experts.

Event Coverage

Special events are a great way to market your company, make sales, increase morale, increase the public’s knowledge of your business and have a good time. Whether it’s your first time hosting an event or the event happening this week you need to make sure you have accurate event coverage in place.

Based on the type of event, number of attendants, locations and other specifics we work with several insurance carriers to find the best fit. Depending on the event our policies can provided premise and location, spectator, liquor liability and other necessary coverages.

We can find coverage for any event!

Snow Sports Industry

The snow sports industry is rapidly growing into one of the most popular activities not only in the United States but around the world. Let us design a specialized package according to your business needs and liabilities. We are proactive in identifying any factors that may increase you premiums or change your risk and provide consulting and risk management options to protect your business whether its retail or manufacturing.

Our team is composed of insurance professionals with experience in snow sports industry. We’ve worked in sports shops and retail; we have been ski technicians, NCAA D1 athletes, and National Ski Patrollers; our team can help find the best solutions to your business needs.

We understand the industry and are committed to the continuous development of the snow sports industry on a global scale and committed to the success of your business.

Transportation and Trucking

Landmark Insurance Group has the in house expertise and market access to help Trucking, Transport, livery, and Logistics clients deal with their unique exposures and loss control requirements.

If you are a trucker we can provide programs whether your emphasis is local, intermediate, or long haul.   We have the expertise to design risk transfer programs for contract, specialized or LTL haulers, and we can deal with all aspects of your program including Auto Liability, Physical Damage, Cargo, or Workers Compensation.  In addition we have payment programs available that can be customized to the specific program. In addition we are set up to make sure that the necessary regulatory compliance is taken care of in a timely fashion.

If you are a shipper we can untangle your complex bill of laden exposures as well as your domestic and international shipping requirements.  If you are in warehousing or freight forwarding we can help deal with unique exposures such as handling goods mechanically, pick packing, liability for stored goods, pollution and spoilage.

Construction and Contractors

With decades of experience in construction Insurance & Bonding, Landmark Insurance Group has put together the ideal package of Price, Product & Service. We have the pulse of today’s insurance marketplace and are well aware of the fiscal and time sensitive demands on contractors.

Risk Management services are now a vital ingredient in the servicing of a construction client. Analyzing your contracts including risk transfer mechanisms, providing claims management services, and coordinating effective loss control strategies are all an integral part of our construction team services. Experience rating expertise can assist with the implementation of strategies to control Workers Compensation premium costs.

Landmark Insurance Group insures a spectrum of Specialty Contractors, Subcontractors as well as General Contractors. Additionally we have many Surety Bond markets available to assist with your bonding needs. Our expertise in construction, market clout, and buying power will help to give you a competitive edge.

Antique Auto

Insuring antique and classic cars calls for knowledge of the hobby as well as familiarity with the restoration process.  Not all policies for these vehicles are alike, and a 1965 GTO may be better insured in one company, while a 1925 Rolls Royce might be better insured in another.  Coverage more than price of the policy becomes the governing consideration when insuring these type of vehicles.

With over thirty years of experience in collecting, restoring, and insuring antique and classic cars we have the knowledge to assist in the process of placing coverage, as well as making sure that the claims process goes smoothly in the unfortunate instances where coverage is triggered.

We are also capable of insuring these vehicles in transit either behind your truck, or a common carrier.  We insure both collectors and dealers, and are familiar with the risks and exposures inherent in both activities.